Romans 8:28- "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose"

God’s G.E.N.T.S. Are Exceptional

Isaiah 64:8

Have you ever looked at some and said to yourself, "there is something different about that person?" Or have you been approached by someone who shared with you, "you stand out from the rest of the people I know."

Being an exceptional man is someone who was created to be great in the eyes of God. Being an exceptional man is doing what God has called you do: STAND OUT! When God created Adam, He created a man who had dominion over the land. Yes, Adam fell short of what God created Him to be, but we also fall short. That does not stop us from pursuing greatness in the eyes of God. This is why He puts us on the Potter’s wheel. As the clay spins on the wheel, the Potter is constantly shaping and designing us to be the greatest creation in His eyes. Every now and then, as the clay does not shape into the beauty the Potter wants, the Potter has the liberty to start over and reconstruct the sculpture.

What is the Potter doing in your life to shape you into an exceptional creation in His eyes?
What are you doing in your life that others can define you as an ‘exceptional man’?

Prayer: God, I thank you for keeping Your hands on me’ and shaping me. As You mold me to be an exceptional man of God, teach me and show me Your ways. Amen.

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